The team manages a portfolio of properties across the city of Oxford and the nearby village of Wytham. The properties are let to the general public, academics and other members of University staff and range from one-bedroom apartments to six-bedroom townhouses and country cottages. Please contact the Residential Lettings Team for availability.

The University rental management is superb. The property is very well maintained. Communication is always courteous and prompt. All tenants’ issues are dealt with timely and very efficiently. I could not recommend the service more highly!​​​ 

~ Ludovica


The application process was very easy. Wytham a beautiful, rural village close to the Thames, with a fabulous pub, The White Horse, is amazingly only a cycle ride from the centre of Oxford, but it felt like miles away when cozied away in the lovely cottage. The few times in the year I had to call regarding small issues, the estates team handled my calls flawlessly,  staff were quick to answer any emails, phone calls, or problems at hand. They are really responsive and reactive, reassuringly so, and it made renting easy, particularly as I was new to the area with no support network.

~ Louise

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